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SuperEverything* poses many questions about how people form a sense of identity in a world increasingly dominated by information networks and fast changing social and economic landscapes.

To explore this question of identity and our search for belonging in this brave new world, we invite you to interact with the project by exploring our social media channels on Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Soundcloud and following us on our Tumblr blog. We like to hear your thoughts and comments so please let us get involved!

We have also developed a custom piece of software that enables us to integrate live Twitter feeds into the visual aspect of the performance. This creates a unique way for the audience to comment and interact with both each other and the artists before and after the show.

At the start of each performance we present a twitter wall which displays live updates of theĀ  #SuperEverything hash tag and ask our audiencea and online followers to engage in a conversation about these issues explored in the project or to just give us their “status” at that time.

So, if you use twitter in particular, please use theĀ #SuperEverything in your tweets to become part of this conversation and this evolving digital arts project.