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The musical aspect of the project was created through a collaboration between The Light Surgeons and four different Malaysian composers and musicians.

After two live recording sessions with a KL based contemporary Gamelan and Chinese drumming group, various samples and fragments of these sessions were redistributed to three different electronic composers. These composers then electronically collaborated on the final compositions that are presented in the show. The post production for the project was completed in London, where the music went through a continued development alongside the visual post-production, with each creatively informing the other.

After its sell-out premier performances in KL in September 2011, the show has been musically and visually developed through a series of international touring dates. In 2012 SuperEverything* was presented in India, New Zealand and in Houston Texas.  After being awarded a grant for the arts by the Arts Council England, the project continues to evolve in 2013 with a new musical collaboration with string players from the UK’s Heritage Orchestra.