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SuperEverything* is a cross disciplinary performing arts project created by leading audio-visual artists The Light Surgeons in collaboration with a group of Malaysian artists.

Commissioned by the British Council and filmed on location across Peninsular Malaysia, this live audio-visual performance explores the relationship between identity, ritual and place in relation to Malaysia’s past, present and future. Revealing juxtapositions between tradition and modernity, it seeks to discover who we are and how our complex identities are connected.

Exploded across multiple projections and different media, this live cinema performance layers together stunning documentary footage and motion graphics with an original musical score that together transport its audiences on a journey through a series of universal narratives. From globalisation and development, race and nationality to consumerism and belief, this project seeks to discover how our complex identities are formed through our involvement in everyday rituals.

This is a project that aims to make its audience contemplate our shared human story and to reveal our collective commonality. From our relationships with each other to our relationship with the environment, Super Everything* surveys our everyday rituals to reveal what unites and divides us. It is a journey through Malaysia’s past, to understand its present and to question its future.

It asks a timeless question about who we are and what we might become as both individuals and as a society.